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VENUS: Planet of Terror
A severe shortage of asbestos has plunged the US of A into a yellow alert! As fears run rampant, the American government is forced to seek alternate sources, where ever they may be.

The United States Space Agency has assembled a crew of legendary space explorers charged with the task of exploring and garnering information about the feared planet of Venus!
This valiant team is soon put the test as they find that we are not alone in this universe!

VENUS: Planet of Terror is a satirical tribute to the "Cold-War" science fiction movies of the late Fifties and early Sixties. It pokes fun at the token and two dimensional characters ubiquitous to the genre, while posing the question "Have things really changed that much?". And there are monsters.

Captain Buzz Stone
Second in Command, Commander William Kerr
Ship's Doctor, Jessica Clayton
Ship's Engineer, Chief Zippy Henderson
Civilian Professor, Sarah Brown
Civilian Intern and Temporary Communication Officer, Etum Ydal
Sponsor of Mission, Admiral Bret Armstrong
Air Traffic Controller #1, Darryl Fitzgibbons
Air Traffic Controller #2, Reggie MacPherson